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Ever since I can remember myself I’ve enjoyed music and wanted to share my love with others. As a genuine music geek I find myself too often really obsessed with music – any music. “You have to listen to this – it will blow your mind” I like to say to anybody who like to listen (and sometimes to people who don’t).

The idea behind the music charger is plain simple – creating mixtape theme ideas (any ideas). I try as much as possible to vary the mixtapes with the not so expected choices.

Mixtapes are the main thing in here but we’re expending and now we have also Q&A section, music news and blog with a few surprises to come.

annie hall

The music charger is currently a one man show – But it doesn’t have to be this way!

My great ambition is to create a genuine community of music lovers. The primal concept of The Music Charger is to share music knowledge between us. I’m sure you know some great bands that just might have a perfect spot in our mixtapes.

You’re more than welcomed to email me regarding some brand new mixtape ideas, songs, bands – everything you’re into (cats photos would be nice too tough).

Please DON’T click here – say hello to Raz Gat

If you are a music blogger (or just a music fan) and would like to have a guest blog – feel free to contact me.

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  1. Awesome site. I’d love to see a whistle mixtape!

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