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songs about getting married

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1. Beach House- Wedding Bell

It seems the dream-pop duo from Baltimore just can’t go wrong. Victoria Legrand is probably on my top 10 female vocals of the last decade.

“Is your heart still mine to save?” she asks without waiting for an answer.

2. Billy Idol- White Wedding

My snobbish music instincts have warned me but what can I say –it’s a classic. Not a very original choice I reckon, but this song must be on this list. How can you resist the endlessly repeated line: “it’s a nice day to start again”? (Note to self: people actually can hear you when you’re singing out loud with headphones on!).

3. Al Green – Let’s Get Married

This is really a great love song but surprisingly it has a sad story behind it. If you’re not in the mood please skip to the next paragraph.

In 1974, Mary Woodson White, Green’s current girlfriend, became upset when Green refused to marry her (apparently she was already married). Ironically this happened only four months after Al Green peaked at No. 32 on the Hot 100 with this song.

The story continues (again, if you’re sensitive please skip this paragraph – it will ruin this song for you). During the evening, Mary found Green’s personal gun and shoot herself. A note was found in her purse by the police. It was written: “The more I trust you, the more you let me down.”

4. Gogol Bordello – American Wedding

They say it’s an American Wedding – so why I feel a little out of place?
If you’re looking for some really uplifting tunes for you wedding- this gipsy gang will knock you of your feet.

5. Conor Obrest and The Mystic Valley Band – Wedding Day In Funeralville

Conor Obrest (aka Bright eyes ) has such a distinctive voice, one you can recognize from miles away. With The Mystic Valley Band he covers John Prine’s classic and gives his own interpretation to it.


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