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songs about partying

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1. Of Montreal- The Party’s Crashing Us

How can you tell a really good party song? When you find yourself dancing your ass off from the first beat. This song is catchy as hell and moving but still makes you think. Only Kevin Barnes, the band’s frontman , can write such poetic and enigmatic lines like: “you fucked the suburbs out of me”.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a real party – try to catch them live! Along with The Flaming Lips Extravaganza, Of Montreal are the real deal – defiantly the best show in town.

2. The Hold Steady- The Party Pit

“Boys and Girls in America”, The Hold Steady’s third album, is a concept album about the American youth- without bullshit and with zero self-righteousness. You defiantly can see a direct reference to the drug culture just as it is. This song clearly refers to taking Ecstasy on a party:

“Sailed away on such separate trips”.

3. Kings Of Leon – My Party

If you don’t take them too seriously, KOL music can be quite enjoyable (mostly their releases before “Only by the Night” from 2008). At its core My Party is a great feel-good song with jumpy bass line, Ska distortion guitars and above all -Caleb Followill’s ubiquitous voice. What a great build up for the night!

4. Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

“I Get Wet”, the debut album of Andrew W.k., is probably the ultimate all time party album and this is the most famous song out of it. The iconic album’s features W.K. with a large stream of blood running from his nose. During the photo shoot Andrew hit himself with a brick. When he realized there wasn’t enough blood to achieve the effect he wanted, he went to the butcher’s shop and blended some animal blood with his own. Classy.

5. The Weeknd-The Party & The After Party

“House of Balloons”, the first album out of the Weeknd’s trilogy mixtapes, should be the perfect soundtrack for every party (and after party, obviously). The Weeknd took the R&B to a brand new level of sleaziness and sophistication. This album supposed to be played by the night. Drugs, sex, lust and over indulgence– you name it.

6. Alabama Shakes- Goin’ To Party

“Guess who’s gonna be there for you When you’re too drunk to know what the heck you’re doing”

Few hours before the inevitable hangover it’s good to know you can rely on someone who’ll take you home safe and sound. After you come home in the morning, drunk and wasted, put this last tune in the background.

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