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“Songs about School” mixtape was originally dedicated to my girlfriend as a small gift for her senior year in college. I thought that you might enjoy this as well.

1. Animal Collective – College

Normally it’s hard to figure it out with all their gigantic keyboards wall of sound and their too often catatonic tunes but Animal Collective music has a very profound and primal melodies. This A Cappella style resembles the most the vocals of the legendary Beach Boys. Sometime one sentence is more than enough- You don’t have to go to college” they say.

In my college days I was wondering to myself if college is really the answer. To be honest, I’m not sure right now that I knew back then what the question was.

2. The Libertines – Campaign Of Hate

I think I need to put a few things in their perspective- The Libertines are an overrated band. Don’t get me wrong – they have written some great songs, but I don’t find them as appealing as other contemporary British bands such as Blur and Pulp.

That being said, they still own some undeniable gems like this one.

3. Vampire Weekend – Campus

Vampire Weekend took Paul Simon’s African tribal rhythms and atmosphere from the all-time classic “Graceland” and still got their own familiar sound – all under the influence. The lyrics give you the idea of how it’s like to break up with your ex which unfortunately stays on the same campus as you.

4. Andrew Bird- Measuring Cups

Andrew Bird is a Multi-instrumentalist and a great whistler. I’m dead serious- check him out!
I think the writer hints about measuring cups as a quantification of someone’s inelegance. The question is – do you really consider grades in school as a ledger for success and intelligence?

5. Rufus Wainwright-The Art Teacher

I have to let it out of my system first- Mr. Wainwrights is usually not my cup of tea. It will be an understatement to say that his songs are way over the top. However, “the art teacher” has such an irresistible melody and lyrics which will be perfectly suitable for this spot.

6. The White Stripes – We’re Gonna Be Friends

When Jack White unplugs his killer electric guitar some magic can happen. This can be interpreted as a childhood lullaby or on the other hand as a requiem for childhood and the days of innocence.



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