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songs about winning

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1. Mudhoney – In the Winner’s Circle

Here are three fun facts about Mudhoney:

1. The original band was formed on high school and was called “Mr. Epp and the Calculations” after their Math teacher (Hey, what about a band called Mr. White?)

2. Mr. Epp were “rewarded” as “the worst band in the world” on KZAM-AM radio.

3. My girlfriend allegedly saved Mudhoney’s frontman, Mark Arm, from a deadly tram accident in Barcelona. We are still waiting for the thank you letter.


2. The Killers – On Top

Heading back to 2004 (looks like an old ancient history by now) the Killers debut album hit me by surprise. It wasn’t revolutionary or sophisticated. In fact The Killers are one pony trick, but luckily for them it is a hell of a trick. On their first album the Killers, as the name suggests, wrote some killing pop songs without the need to apologize for it.

3. Kaiser Chiefs- Love’s not a Competition (But I’m Winning)

You’re probably familiar with Kaiser Chiefs from the ubiquitous hit single ‘Ruby’. I can’t hear that damn song anymore, it’s all over the place. Having said that, this one is just simple and beautiful, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

4. Goldfrapp – Number 1

‘Felt Mountain’, Goldfrapp’s debut was a phenomenal head start. This album could easily be labeled as the new James bond movie soundtrack (and yes- this is a compliment). The problem with great debut albums is in the fact you set yourself a really high standards. Unfortunately, they haven’t delivered since then.

The band had not to few crappy albums with a disastrous mixture of 80’s music and cheesy dance rhymes. Despite its flaws (or perhaps because of them), this song can be perfect for a workout, any workout.

5. The Rolling Stones – Winning Ugly

Is there any need for introduction? “Dirty work”, The Stones 18th (!!!) album from 1986 is far from the mythology of Exile on Main Street, Sticky Fingers or Let it Bleed. Still, “Winning Ugly” is highly underrated piece of work and he is the winner of a rather forgettable album.

This song is about oppressing and being oppressed, it’s about power and about passion. For once their lyrics aren’t ironic but confused and impulsive.

6. Ghostface Killah- The Champ

One of the benefits of getting your hands dirty on making those mixtapes is the search for the ultimate songs without the music genre boundaries. This is a great example of getting out of my musical comfort zone.

What’s makes “The Champ” so addictive? It is the great combination between unexpected guitar riff, funky trumpets (that I’m sure are sampled from a different song-can you tell what is it?) and of course the really great flow.

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