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Primavera Sound 2014 rumors are on the rise

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European festival season is more than six months away, still many rumors are on the rise and first lineup announcements are starting to spread.
Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona is probably on the best music festival in Europe for indie music fans – up to this moment we know about 2 headliners for the 2014 edition – Neutral Milk Hotel (the reunited legendry band which already had been announced on the last day of Primavera Sound 2013) and of course the probably most important band in the world nowadays – Arcade Fire.

So far so good – that’s the old news.

Primavera Sound 2014

Which names are already confirmed or rumored?

Dr. John – was confirmed by the Primavera Sound forum.
The Pixies – are followed on twitter by Gabi Ruiz, Primavera Sound co-director.
The Apples in Stereo – are followed on twitter by the official Primavera sound twitter account.
Nine Inch Nails – have a perfect gap on their European tour, just in time to return to Barcelona.

an update – the organization announced on its website that the next artist confirmation  would be seen in one of the chapters of ‘The reality’, a collection of videos that summarize the PS Touring Party that’s taking place these days. Without going any further, at one point of the fourth chapter the word NIN appears as the name of one of the backline technicians.

nine inch nails

The Crocodiles –They canceled their last Barcelona show in Barcelona and published the following statement: “Hi, sorry the tour is still being booked and a few dates got switched around. Trying to find out now what the deal is. The show might have been cancelled because we are playing a festival around then in Barcelona”
Outkast – certainly nothing official, but their reunion announcement is holding a good option for a European tour and Primavera Sound is the perfect spot (last year they hosted the reunion of The Wu-Tan Clan)

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