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What is the word?

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Yes. Bird is the word indeed!

The actual name of the original song is Surfin’ Bird by the surf rock band and one hit wonder – The Trashman. At its peak, it reached no. 4 on the Billbord Top 100. The rumor tells it was inspired by an old radio jingle advertising wine on the radio. The name of the wine was Thunderbird.

You’ve probably know this song from here-

Yeah, the Family Guy episode in which Peter Griffin r-e-a-l-l-y likes this song.

But this annoying yet addictive tune has surprisingly a great amount of cultural references throughout music, television and cinema.

Here is the “bird is the word” definitive list:

1. Full Metal Jacket

In this famous scene, after shooting down some VietCong soldiers, The American soldiers pose for the camera to this song.

2. Bluebird Chips Commercial

How can you go wrong when you have penguins and chips?

3. How I Met Your Mother

So “bang-bang-bangity-bang” song is not original after all…

4. Pink Flamingos Movie

The song have another appearance in The cult move Pink Flamingos from 1972 during the creepy birthday party scene (at 2:48)

5. Battle Vietnam Game

Vietnam seems to be the perfect landscape for this soundtrack.

6. Just Dance Game

This Wii console game seems like a real fun. Just take a look at the father’s face throughout the video!

Conan really seems to enjoy it himself -

7. Fred Claus Movie

Another lousy Vince Vaughn movie, with some action from a bunch of Santas. A kind of humor that any kids under the age of 2 will highly appreciate (at 0:34).

8. Birdz Kids TV Show

The CBS kids show was broadcast for only one season in 1999. Check out their trippy theme song.

9. Rock 30

We couldn’t find the actual video but we can tell that Liz Lemon (the actress Tina Fey) used “Bird is the word” as her personal ringtone.


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